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More Lost in Translation

Lenders Don’t Understand My Business I have written previously about why borrowers and lenders see things very differently, it is a glass half full or glass half empty scenario. What makes things worse is that the narrative and language used by a borrower and a lender is often the same, but the meaning or intention
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The Best Kept Business Secret?

Is This The Best Kept Secret? There are very few things that can genuinely benefit a business. Most Government backed schemes are treated with a large dose of cynicism, either that or you spend longer looking for the catch than the benefit. Growth Vouchers are something a little different. If you have come across the
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Alternative SME Finance

Alternative SME Finance So, you are an SME director/owner and are looking for finance. History says you go to your bank, tell them your story and ask for money. Confident of getting your finance? Probably not. So where do you go next. In the UK there are over 4m SMEs making up 99% of the
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Invoice Finance vs Factoring, The Difference

Invoice Finance. Also known as Sales Finance, Discounting, Factoring, Invoice Discounting, Sales Factoring, Invoice Factoring. You name it, the next firm calls it something different! In essence they all produce the same result. So, let’s sum up what it is all about. XYZ Ltd sell widgets. They get an order, make the widgets then sell
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Acquisition International – Lime Invited To Join Panel

Acquisition International is the market leader in corporate finance and legal reporting. With over 53,000 subscribers they provide market comment and finance input to a broad corporate sector. Acquisition International approached Lime Consultancy about contributing toward their upcoming feature on bridging finance. Bridging finance is something we are increasingly involved with and are fast being
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