Crowdfunding Specialist Award!

Crowdfunding Specialist Award Stop the press!! Lime Consultancy have just been named Acquisition International Magazine ‘Crowdfunding Specialist Adviser of The Year’ in their M&A awards 2014. For anyone who is not aware, crowdfunding is the fastest growing business finance sector in the UK, now we are officially 2014’s Specialist Crowdfunding Advisers! Lime Consultancy owner Dave
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Crowdfunding: The Quintessential Marketing Tool

Introduction On the surface crowdfunding appears to simply be a social media marketing mechanism that integrates a potential online community with an accounting function. Closer examination of a crowdfunding campaign shows a unique marketing opportunity that requires business owners to promote their companies, using social media, to new audiences. This organized promotion increases the campaign’s
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Get A Quicker Business Loan Decision

We are often asked why it takes so long to get a decision on a business loan application. The bottom line is that bankers and entrepreneurs are fundamentally different people, what may be an absolute priority to you probably isn’t to your banker. Whichever way you look at it, you are not going to change
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The Benefits of Business Crowdfunding

Benefits Of Crowdfunding We have talked about what crowdfunding is before, now we take a look at the benefits of raising business finance through crowdfunding. In our opinion there are two main benefits to using crowdfunding to raise business finance, we will now explain why we think these are real benefits over traditional bank finance.
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