The Budget 2014 – Summary

The Budget 2014 After years of austerity and fairly bland budgets, was it finally time for a budget to make everyone sit up and listen? With 14 months to the general election then this budget was going to be one to look out for. But what did it deliver? The Budget Overview Being an economist
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The Budget – Autumn Statement

  The Budget – Autumn Statement First things first, the Autumn statement is being made in December. Not really Autumn then… Which pretty much sums things up, not quite what they seem and a little confusing. So another budget which takes some thinking about. We are grateful to Menzies Chartered Accountants for their Budget commentary,
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What Does Not Having a AAA Credit Rating Mean?

The media have been quick to jump on the UK’s loss of their AAA credit rating this week, but what is it and what does it actually mean? Credit Ratings are issued by independent companies such as ‘Moodys’ or ‘Standard and Poors’, they sell their analysis and intelligence to other companies, investors, banks etc. It
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