fixed rate mortgages

Fixed Rate Mortgages – Read This Now

Fixed Rate Mortgages – Need To Know Now This is about expiring fixed rates and it matters. The most common period for any fixed rate borrowing (especially commercial mortgages) is five years. The bit that always catches our clients is just how short a period of time five years is, it goes quickly, really quickly. 
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What Is The Cost of Borrowing?

The Cost of Borrowing Pop quiz. What is the cheapest loan out of these two – Interest rate 5% Interest rate 5.5% Sounds simple doesn’t it. The interest rate is cheaper so that must be the best loan option. That said, you probably realised the obvious answer was wrong and went for the more expensive
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Loan Repayment Calculator

Working out what your loan repayments should be, could be, or even would be can be less than straightforward. Every lender does things a little differently. Some work out interest monthly, some daily. Some lenders provide a flat rate, others an APR. The thing is, underneath it all you have a customer who simply wants
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