The Best Kept Business Secret?

Is This The Best Kept Secret? There are very few things that can genuinely benefit a business. Most Government backed schemes are treated with a large dose of cynicism, either that or you spend longer looking for the catch than the benefit. Growth Vouchers are something a little different. If you have come across the
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What Is Crowdfunding?

What Is Crowdfunding? With some analysts predicting business lending through crowdfunding in the UK could exceed £1bn by the end of 2015 then you really should be aware of what crowdfunding is. The Perfect Storm For Business Loans? They say that stress can be the best driver of innovation. As the recession took hold and
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Alternative Business Finance

Many of us have heard about ‘Crowd Funding’ or ‘Peer to Peer’ lending, but what are these really about, how do they work and are they the genuine article? The basics are that these sites put the depositor and lender together. Historically the depositor has put his (or hers) cash into the bank, who then
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