What Is Cashflow?

What Is Cashflow? Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it. Cashflow is the flow of cash in and out of your business. But, this is like saying a car engine is simply a combination of parts that make the car move. Technically you would be correct, but to make the car run better you would need to
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Alternative SME Finance

Alternative SME Finance So, you are an SME director/owner and are looking for finance. History says you go to your bank, tell them your story and ask for money. Confident of getting your finance? Probably not. So where do you go next. In the UK there are over 4m SMEs making up 99% of the
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Small Company Funding vs Big Company Funding

There is a gulf between the finance that small companies can access and the finance that big companies utilise. The diagram here shows what percentage of companies are using external finance. By ‘external finance’ we mean any funding line from any lender, whether that be asset finance, mortgage, overdraft, factoring or anything else. The diagram
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