Interest Rates? Where To Next…

Interest Rates The base rate of interest in the UK remains at 0.5%, an all time low. The cautionary note came from the notes to the last MPC meeting which showed 2 of the panel voting for a rise, this is the first real split in opinion for some time. So does this mean interest
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The Best Kept Business Secret?

Is This The Best Kept Secret? There are very few things that can genuinely benefit a business. Most Government backed schemes are treated with a large dose of cynicism, either that or you spend longer looking for the catch than the benefit. Growth Vouchers are something a little different. If you have come across the
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The Problem With Business Valuations

Business Valuations 99% of homeowners will know what their property is worth. Put simply, you know how much what you own is worth, easy right? The same thing happens with business owners, they want to know what their business is worth, but valuing their business is a difficult thing to do. The question is, What
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What Is Goodwill?

What Is Goodwill? Let’s start by saying that when valuing a business the core principle is that the business valuation must be based on what can be maintained by a reasonable competent operator. The thing is that goodwill varies so much and is completely intangible. The Local Pub Scenario – Goodwill Your normal village local
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The Secret to Good Cashflow

The Secret To Good Cashflow You have almost certainly come across the old adage “Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash-flow is Reality” – but what does it really mean? Well here’s a few thoughts for you. Turnover is the lifeblood of any business – it needs to be properly managed at all stages of
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Government Growth Vouchers Scheme

What Are Growth Vouchers The Government have several initiatives aimed at helping small businesses succeed. There is a real recognition by Government that small businesses need support, the surprising thing to many is just how many schemes there are available. Growth vouchers are available to most businesses in England and offer up to £2,000 of
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