The Best Kept Business Secret?

Is This The Best Kept Secret? There are very few things that can genuinely benefit a business. Most Government backed schemes are treated with a large dose of cynicism, either that or you spend longer looking for the catch than the benefit. Growth Vouchers are something a little different. If you have come across the
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How Growth Accelerator Can Help You

Growth Accelerator The Growth Accelerator scheme is aimed at ambitious businesses who are serious about growing. It is a government funded scheme which provides businesses with access to professional support in any of the following areas; Access to finance Growth through innovation Business development Leadership & Management There are other benefits to being part of
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Westjet Christmas Marketing

Westjet Christmas Marketing It is that time of year when we send cards, pass gifts and say a few thank you’s. Westjet, a Canadian airline went one step further this year. The cynics among you may say it is all marketing. Well yes it is, but in this case it seems to be working a
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KFC Christmas Commercial

KFC Commercial OK. This is a break from the norm for us. We may have financed a few KFC outlets (we lover franchising, did you know that??) and eaten a few bargain buckets, but this is simply a video we love. Why The Commercial? Simply put, it is amusing. The more you smile the more
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The Benefits of Email Marketing – Quick Tips

Email marketing – The Benefits of Email marketing  For any small business, email marketing is a must have tool for your marketing toolbox. When done well it can produce outstanding results as well as helping you to maintain a good relationship with your clients and build a passive income for your business. The key to success
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