Government Growth Vouchers Scheme

What Are Growth Vouchers The Government have several initiatives aimed at helping small businesses succeed. There is a real recognition by Government that small businesses need support, the surprising thing to many is just how many schemes there are available. Growth vouchers are available to most businesses in England and offer up to £2,000 of
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NACFB Code of Practice

NACFB Code Of Practice Details We are full members of the NACFB. The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) provide self regulation, continued professional development (CPD) and guidance to ensure it’s members are aware of legal and regulatory changes. The NACFB also provide a complaints procedure which gives the client an ability to raise
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Get A Quicker Business Loan Decision

We are often asked why it takes so long to get a decision on a business loan application. The bottom line is that bankers and entrepreneurs are fundamentally different people, what may be an absolute priority to you probably isn’t to your banker. Whichever way you look at it, you are not going to change
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RBS Desperate To Lend To UK Business (business finance)

We picked up a really interesting article about RBS and their willingness to lend to UK businesses, the article was based around a Sunday Times interview with RBS chairman Stephen Hester. The BBC article can be accessed here. Part of the interview quote was “We are lending as much as we can….we cannot force companies
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Cross Border Trading, Import & Export Finance

More and more UK businesses are now trading across borders, whether that be importing goods from China or Europe, whether that be selling on-line to businesses or consumers in America or beyond. The ease of electronic sales channels, ease of communication and accessible logistics all mean that importing and exporting is no longer the domain
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