business lending misconceptions

Misconceptions About Business Finance

Not A Lot Of People Know That The best way to demystify a few misconceptions about business lending is to start by quoting Michael Caine. Whilst I can’t promise this will blow your blo*dy doors off, it may make you think a little differently. I Never Used To Use Amazon Roll the clock back 10
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The Solution For When CBILS Repayments Bite Back

When CBILS Bites Back CBILS finally ended on 31st March 2021, as of June 2020 £38bn had been advanced to 910k businesses. Between now and March 2022 businesses will need to start making repayments to these loans or seek agreement from their lender for special terms outside of the standard CBILS scheme. Many of these
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Personal Guarantees – Did You Know This?

Personal Guarantees Also referred to as a ‘PG’, a personal guarantee is where you become personally liable for your business liabilities. The most common scenario is where your business borrows money and the lender asks for the director to provide a ‘Personal Guarantee’. The rationale is simple, a limited company can be folded or wound
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