Business Strategy – Be Brave

Strategic thinking is something that can be a concept that bypasses the small business operator. Too often the biggest strategy a small business has is completing the job in hand and winning the next sale. Small businesses are in the unique position that they are flexible and adaptable enough to change at short notice, to
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Campari, More Than a 1980’s Drink

Campari? Remind you of Leonard Rossiter spilling a drink over Joan Collins in a 1980’s TV advert? Maybe it does, but Campari is actually a little more influential than that. What, Campari? Explain… If you are running your own business and ever looking to borrow money then we encourage you to drink a Campari, hypothetically
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The Benefit of Business Plans

Business Plan, I remember having one of those when I first started… I cannot remember how many times we hear a quote like that. The real conundrum here is the question of what is a business plan? Not what it tangibly is, but what the point and benefit of it are to the business. Airfix
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