The Phones-4-U Scenario

Phones 4 U Pretty much the major business news story of the month so far. Phones 4 U have entered administration as a result of losing key contracts with O2 and then EE. Is this an isolated case or could the Phones 4 You risk apply to your business also? Why Has Phones 4 U
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Personal Guarantees – Did You Know This?

Personal Guarantees Also referred to as a ‘PG’, a personal guarantee is where you become personally liable for your business liabilities. The most common scenario is where your business borrows money and the lender asks for the director to provide a ‘Personal Guarantee’. The rationale is simple, a limited company can be folded or wound
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Campari, More Than a 1980’s Drink

Campari? Remind you of Leonard Rossiter spilling a drink over Joan Collins in a 1980’s TV advert? Maybe it does, but Campari is actually a little more influential than that. What, Campari? Explain… If you are running your own business and ever looking to borrow money then we encourage you to drink a Campari, hypothetically
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Why It Pays Not To Be Too Sensitive

Sensitivity Analysis ‘Sensitivity Analysis’ may sound a scientific or complicated term, but really it is very simple but too often misunderstood or ignored. Here we look at how the business owner and lender view sensitivity differently, and how unless one understands the other it will end in tears. OK, What is it? Many businesses will
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