What Is Growth Accelerator?

Growth Accelerator The Growth Accelerator scheme is aimed at ambitious businesses who are serious about growing. It is a government funded scheme which provides businesses with access to professional support in any of the following areas; Access to finance Growth through innovation Business development Leadership & Management There are other benefits to being part of
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The Best Business Blunders

Best Business Blunders There are loads of statistics about how many small businesses fail, the perception being that small businesses are less capable, or more likely to make mistakes, which is why big companies last and small businesses fall away. So let’s give a little boost to the small business by looking at some of
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The Power of Twitter For Business

Twitter For Business Last week we moved offices. Everything was arranged, sorted and organised. We gave the requisite six weeks notice that we needed a landline installed and had an engineer booked. Now, let’s get to the simple bit. We wanted one phone line moved. That is the same number being moved to another premise
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Cloud Computing For Small Business?

Cloud Computing For Small Business Not normally our area of expertise, perhaps better said as not our area of expertise! However we were working with a client recently and time, cost and the need to improve systems were all apparent in their business. This got us thinking… We actually use cloud computing a lot. Our
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Networking in Sussex, Surrey, Kent?

For the majority of small business owners, networking is a vital component of their wider marketing strategy. Networking is not just about promoting your wares, it is about building up connections, collaborative working arrangements and key partnerships. It is also about discussing your business with others and finding solutions to the challenges we all share.
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Are On-Line Retailers Going All High Street?

On-line retailers have been the success story of the retailing world for some time now, with the growing retailers being Amazon, Ebay, Play.com, Moo.com, the list goes on. Many people are linking this growth to the deluge of empty shops on the high street, falling high street sales and that many proven names have been
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