When Is Revenue Not Revenue?

Business Revenue Sales, turnover, income, whatever you decide to call it. Revenue is the money coming in to a business. For most business owners it forms the lifeblood of the company, it is what everything else is pointed toward. However one of the biggest accounting mistakes businesses make is thinking revenue is revenue when it
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Enterprise Finance Guarantee

Enterprise Finance Guarantee Or EFG as it is more commonly known. The Enterprise Finance Guarantee was launched in 2009 as the UK sank into the depths of the credit crunch. The Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) was a replacement for the Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme (SFLGS) which operated for several years previously. Great, But What
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The Budget 2014 – Summary

The Budget 2014 After years of austerity and fairly bland budgets, was it finally time for a budget to make everyone sit up and listen? With 14 months to the general election then this budget was going to be one to look out for. But what did it deliver? The Budget Overview Being an economist
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