Misconceived Business Risk

How Business Risk Is Misconceived For any business looking to obtain funding or finance then it is always a question of risk. Any lender will look at the risk of the deal then decide whether it is one for them or not. The thing about risk is that often the borrower doesn’t understand it, or
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The Phones-4-U Scenario

Phones 4 U Pretty much the major business news story of the month so far. Phones 4 U have entered administration as a result of losing key contracts with O2 and then EE. Is this an isolated case or could the Phones 4 You risk apply to your business also? Why Has Phones 4 U
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Business Plan – Our Free Download

Business plans, we talk about them a lot. Which, got us thinking. We really should offer something for our clients to use themselves. So, after a lot of searching, seeing what is good and bad. Then taking out anything we thought would make life difficult we came up with a business plan template. It is
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