Why Getting A Bank Loan Is Like Dating

Getting a Bank Loan or Dating? Businesses get turned down for finance, fact. What it doesn’t mean is that your business proposal or the business itself is wrong. Sometimes it just happens. There is a quote from Sahar Hashemi, co-founder of Coffee Republic; For me it’s a numbers game – you should almost notch up
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What Is Crowdfunding?

What Is Crowdfunding? With some analysts predicting business lending through crowdfunding in the UK could exceed £1bn by the end of 2015 then you really should be aware of what crowdfunding is. The Perfect Storm For Business Loans? They say that stress can be the best driver of innovation. As the recession took hold and
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Business Funding – Questions To Ask Yourself

Business Funding Questions To Ask Yourself You have a fantastic business idea. Now couple that with the £1m you have sitting around in the bank doing nothing, hey-ho business funding sorted and the world is your oyster. But back in the real world obtaining business funding is somewhat different, the £1m is not a luxury
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The Business Finance Foreign Language

Business Finance Is a Foreign Language When you go to Spain it is fair to say we all know a few words, could order our cerveza, count to 10 and the rest. Not many of us are fluent. Take that then try mixing that with a bit of Mandolin, Flemish, Arabic, and Esperanto. Just how
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Crowdfunding Options Explained

Crowdfunding Options Explained We talk a lot about the benefits of crowdfunding, how this lending model can offer solutions to businesses who have struggled with the banks over the last few years. One of the most common questions we get asked is about ‘equity’ and ‘investment’. In other words the belief that crowdfunding is an
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The Beehive, City Place, Gatwick

Lime Consultancy Move To The Beehive The Beehive offers us the opportunity to provide our clients with vastly improved meeting spaces, better facilities and all within the heart of Gatwick. The Beehive has ample parking, great access and puts us in the centre of one of the most exciting commercial development areas anywhere in Sussex.
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