How To Get A Business Loan

How To Get A Business Loan For most loans under £150k then nearly all lenders will use some system of credit-scoring. This means that for each fact about your application then points are either awarded or taken away. If your application reaches a set amount of points then your business loan is approved. So the
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1980’s Retro – A Must See, Back In The Good Times

1980’s Retro This is a personal experience blog post. As a child of the 80’s (well teenager of the 80’s) the troubles of the 00’s was as far from my mind as anything. So, was it better in the 1980’s? A land of Knight Rider, Horace Goes Skiing, Woolworths pic’n’mix and fluorescent socks. It had
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Westjet Christmas Marketing

Westjet Christmas Marketing It is that time of year when we send cards, pass gifts and say a few thank you’s. Westjet, a Canadian airline went one step further this year. The cynics among you may say it is all marketing. Well yes it is, but in this case it seems to be working a
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What Is Cashflow?

What Is Cashflow? Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it. Cashflow is the flow of cash in and out of your business. But, this is like saying a car engine is simply a combination of parts that make the car move. Technically you would be correct, but to make the car run better you would need to
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KFC Christmas Commercial

KFC Commercial OK. This is a break from the norm for us. We may have financed a few KFC outlets (we lover franchising, did you know that??) and eaten a few bargain buckets, but this is simply a video we love. Why The Commercial? Simply put, it is amusing. The more you smile the more
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The Bitcoin Revolution

What Is A Bitcoin/ The Bitcoin Story First conceived in an academic paper in 1998, the Bitcoin was derived from a study into cryptography. Having caught the attention of the digital world, it went on to see it’s first boom and bust in 2011. Each Bitcoin can be split into 100m pieces, so you can
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