The 10 Most Used Business Excuses

common business excusesThe 10 Most Used Business Excuses

Why do some businesses thrive and others struggle? Why do some businesses look at change as a positive thing and others fear it?

Much comes down to the first reaction business owners have when presented with something new. Take a proposal or idea to improve or change client service, why would you not want to improve something?

These are 10 of the most common excuses business use not to do something.

In the words of an old Radio 1 DJ, new in at number 1;

  1. Our Company is different to that – Every business is different from every other, it has never been a reason for not doing something. A good idea is a good idea, what your business is is pretty much irrelevant
  2. Our clients are different – Yes they are, but you probably don’t know them quite as well as you think you do. Besides, your clients may actually like what you are going to do differently
  3. We will do it, but not now – Then when? Doing something later usually equates to never at all. There is a straight line graph that can be applied to Enthusiasm and Time, leave it and the will to do it will lessen
  4. We tried that and it didn’t work – I was on the 18th green last week making a putt, I missed it very slightly and game over. I put the ball down again and made the putt the second time. I adjusted my aim to get it right the second time. Same theory applies in business, it didn’t work doesn’t mean it won’t
  5. We don’t have the right skills  – Then go get them
  6. We are in the wrong part of the country for that to work – Some of the best ideas are taken from companies in all corners of the world, a few hundred miles is nothing
  7. If we put up prices we would lose our clients – Er no. How you promote and market yourself may need to be tweaked but history says that your best clients work with you because of you, not because of your prices
  8. We need to do other things first – Probably, but then again you always will…
  9. Our business is the wrong size – Tell me then, what is the right size? A good idea is always a good idea, you just need to adapt it to fit
  10. It’s impossible – So was putting a man on the moon back in 1960

The basic message is that there are hundreds of great ideas out there for SMEs to try, there are even more excuses for SMEs not to try them.

Quote Yoda, ‘Do or do not, there is no try’

By Dave Farmer

Dave Farmer is founder of the award winning business finance specialist Lime Consultancy. Based at Gatwick, Lime Consultancy provide SMEs with access to funding, finance and lending.

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One thought on “The 10 Most Used Business Excuses”

  • Great post!! Leading a company requires you to see the truth about yourself and your company. There is no room for excuses you must make decisions and take action. You can’t do everything, but once a decision is made you must execute without excuse or regret and it it is wrong it is a learning experience:-)

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