The 6 People I Met Who Changed My Business

Many business owners are superb at what they do, it is after all why they do what they do. However, in many cases the business will take over and the owner ends up working in, rather than on, their business.

When we work with clients we believe there are six people you need to meet, their names are –

  1. Mr What
  2. Mr Where
  3. Mr When
  4. Mr How
  5. Mr Where
  6. Mr Who

These six people will help you drive your business in the right direction, however it is difficult to play these roles yourself as no matter how hard you try, getting true objectivity goes against human nature.

Taking your business and asking –

  1. What You Do 
  2. Where You Do It
  3. When Do You Do It
etc, etc, can be a case of taking the business and concentrating on one element at a time, whether that be sales, processes, purchasing, HR, or whatever.
What we always find is that by meeting these six people, and listening to what they say (no matter how much it may hurt to hear it) pays enormous benefits.
If you want to see how this applies to your business, how the process works, or what benefits it could offer you then please get in touch using the comments box below, contacting us via the website, or call us on 0844 682 1462.
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