18 February 2016

The Chameleon Guide


chameleon guideThe Chameleon Guide

Having partners we work with is a core element of why we can often raise finance where the client or another broker has struggled previously. Good quality business support helps minimise the areas of risk within a business and makes it more attractive to funders.

At Lime Consultancy we aim to be a little different, like a chameleon we can change and adapt how we do things so the client’s needs always come first. Part of this is a unique guarantee we offer, this means;

  • We will not charge any upfront fees, no appraisal, application or assessment fees. We will only invoice you once you get an offer of finance
  • We will always try to return calls and emails within 24 hours
  • We will never have a ticking clock. That means you can call, talk or discuss whatever you need and we will give you that time without charging or limiting the time we dedicate to you

How We Work

We are often asked how we work, how clients interact with us etc. Every client is different, every case, every niche, every variable there can be is different in everytime. If you want to discuss borrowing or funding your business or project then please get in touch, it would be great to hear from you.