Top Tips For Your Starting A Business

Starting A Business Tips

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘what tips would you give when starting a business?’

Well, if you asked 100 entrepreneurs what advice they would give then you would probably get around 100 different answers. After all, each entrepreneur is unique. Uniqueness is probably on that list of 100.

We could go down the route of some sensible, practical and pragmatic top tips. However, at Lime Consultancy we are anything but ordinary, so our list of tips for starting a business is a little more holistic, so here goes;

The Tips For Starting Your Business

1 – Do what you love. Running your own business is a 24 hour a day thing, whether that is working or thinking about it. So, make sure you are starting a business doing what you love

2 – Don’t go it alone. Most entrepreneurs starting a business will set up on their own. That is fine, but it doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. If you get professional advice then make sure you like the person, you need someone to talk to, that you are happy to talk with

3 – Beware of your friends & family. OK, don’t get this one wrong. Friends and family are essential in supporting you whilst starting a business. However, you will find that the people closest to you will tell you what they think you want to hear, not what you need to hear. The people closest to you will substitute honesty for kindness, sometimes that is not what you need

4 – Do it whilst you are working. Starting a business is a slow process. Setting up a company, website, business card, all easy stuff. Building a pipeline of business, sales and client contacts takes time. The best time for starting a business is when you have another income, so try and do it whilst still working

5 – Be big and bold. If you are a one man band then let people perceive you as a bigger firm. We worked with a firm a while ago that had a London and Manchester phone number. They had one mobile where calls were diverted to, but the perception was they were much bigger. Being bold? Well if you don’t believe what you are starting a business for then nobody else will

6 – Write a plan. This means setting simple business goals. Set standards for yourself and work to them. Set yourself deadlines, essential tasks. Don’t drift from day to day, starting a business is a change of life so get some structure as early as possible

7 – Who wants 10. Come on, loads of forums offer a ‘top 10 tips’. So our last tip for starting a business is to be different, If people expect 5 top tips or 10 top tips then do it differently. So, to prove a point we are giving 7 top tips to starting a business!

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