Top Tips For Getting Business Investment

Top Tips – Getting Business Investment

Getting business investment is never easy. Anyone who has tried will tell you that.

Very often though we see businesses try to get someone to invest in their company without getting the basics right. This means they are often doomed to failure before they even start.

The Top Tips

We will stay away from complexities, avoid financial jargon, and stick to pragmatic and practical pointers, so read on…

10 Top Tips For Getting Business Investment

  1. Don’t try to raise funding if you don’t need it. Too often we see business look for funding when it is not necessary
  2. Think of raising equity and selling part of your company as getting married. You don’t propose on your first date, not all marriages work out and getting divorced is expensive and painful
  3. Your first investor is always you. If you won’t take the risk why should I?
  4. You second investor should be your family and friends. If the people closest don’t have faith then why should I?
  5. Once you decide to go for investment then get to the point. A simple one-pager summary is essential. Sum things up quickly and in 3 or 4 lines at most
  6. Elevator pitch. Video works great. Investors will prefer to watch a video for 60 seconds than read a detailed proposal. Appeal to what appeals to the investor
  7. Have different pitch lengths. Have a 60 second pitch, a 5 minute and a 15 minute pitch, learn them and practice
  8. Present your business yourself. Your advisors are advisors, it is key to demonstrate your understanding of the business
  9. Avoid flannel. Tell the truth and get to the point. Present the ‘top level’ of your business. I don’t need to know who does what, just that it happens
  10. Your income figures must pass the make sense test. Show income but show how you get here, prove reasonableness and that common sense exists in abundance

Out top tips for getting business investment are designed to be pointers in getting your thoughts sorted. If you are thinking that business investment may be something for you then give us a call on 01293 541333 or contact us here.

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