6 March 2017

Trading Business Finance

Easier Finance For Trading Businesses

Growing businesses need access to reliable financing, but banking institutions can be inflexible and slow.

At Lime Finance Solutions, we understand the financial needs of growing businesses and provide flexible, accessible finance solutions tailored to each business’s unique requirements.

We offer an extensive range of products including unsecured loans (up to £1m), asset-based lending options, debt facilities or secured lending – all designed explicitly for UK businesses looking to make progress in their industry.

Our team are experienced professionals who are committed not only delivering customised finance quickly but also providing informed advice on the best product for your company’s individual needs.

Our goal is simple: To enable you to access the right finance faster than ever before.

The options available for businesses to raise finance are more varied and wider than you have probably ever been told.

The old rules no longer apply which is why having someone on your side really helps.

How About:

  • Finance of up to £1m without any tangible security
  • Financing quickly with start to finish inside 72 hours
  • Financing one off invoices rather than full invoice discounting so you are in total control
  • Lending on more flexible terms, over different periods and often with a more preferable cost

The options available are now more widespread and beneficial to businesses than they probably ever have been.

Easier To See Some Examples?

Sometimes it is easier to show a few examples of businesses we have recently finance. Examples of our broader range of cases can be found here.

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