The Power of Twitter For Business

Twitter For Business

Last week we moved offices. Everything was arranged, sorted and organised.

We gave the requisite six weeks notice that we needed a landline installed and had an engineer booked.

Now, let’s get to the simple bit. We wanted one phone line moved. That is the same number being moved to another premise barely a couple of miles away. The phone company had confirmed this was all OK and an engineer visit booked to get the line put in.

What Relevance To Twitter For Business?

Bear with… Last week our phone number stopped working. No new calls coming in. No clients getting responded to. The phone is pretty crucial to our business, as it is to your’s or anybody’s.

A call to XLN, our provider, showed a line fault which they were to investigate. In the meantime all calls were to be diverted to a mobile. Sorted? Not so…

A few days afterwards the phone line went completely. To quote XLN ‘It has ceased’. Not impressed. The bad news was this was Saturday and nothing could happen until Monday.

Happy? No. But ‘don’t worry’ say XLN ‘we do understand your frustration’. Sadly I think not.

Twitter For Business, Get To The Point!

OK. After several calls and emails, messages left and calls not returned we were no further forward. The most crucial phone number to our business was not working, understand our frustration??

So here comes Twitter For Business, the power to change things…

Tweet, Tweet and Tweet Again

With frustration boiling over and worry starting to build we went for the ‘letting off steam’ approach by sending out a tweet. Addressed to @xlntelecom and with #xln.

First thing Monday morning we get a senior manager ring and an individual allocated to sort out the problem.

Twitter For Business Results

Having emailed, called, left messages and fretted it turns out our most powerful communication was Twitter. Had we not tweeted would we have found a resolution? Who knows.

The moral here is that whilst we all tweet about our expertise, there is a powerful tool here for the small business to use to communicate with large corporates.

Be fair, be honest and be pragmatic. Ranting doesn’t work, but sensible, considered contact via Twitter does seem to get results.

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By Lime Consultancy

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