Tips To Improve Your Business – Part Four – USP

business USPThe Unique Selling Point (USP) is just about the only thing that will differentiate you from your competitors.

The difficult thing is in finding your USP, it is not always where you think it is, often it is a thing of marginal fiction, made up, created, dreamed up to make your business that little bit more memorable than your peers (we could even help).

Where Is My USP?

Sound easy, it practice is much more difficult.

Take the following companies and their USPs –

M&Ms – The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hands. So, the most famous multi-coloured chocolates in the world, those that even inspired a rapper to change his name, found their USP being that it doesn’t melt in your hand.

It may not sound the greatest, but it has worked wonders.

DeBeers – A Diamond is forever. Catchy, maybe bond-esq (but it dates back to 1948 so pre James Bond) but it clearly states that a diamond has quality that outweighs other stones, it sums everything up quite nicely and still works today, 65 years later.

What About My Business?

We are not saying that a USP is easy to find, only that you should find it, word it right, and look for it in the wider context of your business. Don’t stick to the daily routine, don’t just look at what you are good at, we can all do that, but be different, original and outstanding.

If you want any ideas with your USP then look at our business solutions, or if you have any comments regarding this article then please add them above or contact us via the website.

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