14 August 2014


Our Business Finance Videos

Here you’ll find a list of Videos to help you plan and manage your business more efficiently. A full library of videos is published on our Youtube page.

These short videos are made to provide easy to watch information, for more detail then please get in touch on 01293 541333 or contact us here. Hope you enjoy.

Our Latest Client Review

This review was provided by a client, it is an unbiased review of our service and how we assisted the growth in their business by securing well structured and competitive finance.


Welcome To Lime Consultancy

Our 1 minute explanation for what Lime Consultancy do, how we approach working with our clients and what makes us unique.

Our Story, Why Lime Consultancy Exists

Every business has a story, right? This is why we exist, why we started and what drives us to be both different and better than other commercial finance brokers out there.


How Linkedin Can Make or Break a Loan Application

Your Linkedin profile matters more than you think it does. Lenders use different methods to verify what you tell them, Linkedin is one of those and can make or break your application.

The Business Model Canvas

One of the best business planning tools out there. The Business Model Canvas can be used for everyday planning and for raising finance. The model is simple, pragmatic and far more usable than traditional business plans.

Dunning Krúger Effect

Ever wondered why some people prefer the word of an amateur over that of a proven professional? There is a genuine reason why this happens, it’s called The Dunning Krúger Effect and this is how it works.

Using Property as Security

The risks of using property as security for business borrowing. What the lender doesn’t tell you & what the alternatives are to using your home as collateral.

The Danger of Using Averages

Why using averages in assessing lending or borrowing money just doesn’t work. Why averages are used in economics and why they just don’t cut the mustard.

First Finance Update of 2017

If you thought 2016 was a big year for weird and wonderful decisions then 2017 may well be the year of action. Several changes to how property finance is worked, regulatory moves and a note of caution for property landlords with mortgages due for review in 2017 and 2018.


Previously Declined Borrowing

How we work with businesses that have been declined borrowing by a lender. Covering the misconceptions as to why the application was declined and explaining how the reasons often given are not the real reasons. The video explains why just because one lender has said no does not mean every lender will do the same.


Trading Business Finance

Short video explaining how to obtain borrowing as a trading business. The video covers how we work well with companies seeking borrowing and how our approach creates a genuine understanding that enables both client and lender to agree amicable terms of lending. It covers the broad options available and how working with a regulated broker can offer broader options for your business than doing things yourself.

Create Better Cash Flow Forecasts

Lenders always doubt a business’ cash flow forecasts. The more robust the model behind the forecast the harder it is for anyone to question your figures. This video shows why forecasts will never be accurate (despite what a lender may expect) and how to make your cash flow forecast more reliable.



The Myths of Credit Reports

The most misunderstood elements of credit reports. The importance of settling a CCJ properly and why the 6 year rule on credit report entries doesn’t apply.


Brexit – What It Could Mean For Commercial Borrowing

What Brexit could mean for commercial borrowing in 2017 and looking ahead. How Brexit may affect some lenders more than others and why businesses may be better to secure lending earlier rather than later. The potential impacts that Brexit may have on commercial lenders availability of funding.


Why an SME With Net Profit Margin Under 8% is Losing Cash

Why financing to solve cashflow may not be the answer. Why an SME with a net profit margin of under 8% could be losing cash and about to go under. The essentials of solving the root cause of cash flow before you finance the cash gap. Covering why SMEs are owed £67bn in unpaid invoices, wow.



Lime Commercial Finance

Our Commercial Finance solutions are all about providing access to finance in the easiest and simplest way possible, taking away the hassle and letting the business owner run their enterprise while we sort the funding.

Lime Business Solutions

Our Business Solutions are built to enable small companies to grow, overcome barriers and achieve more. By working with the business influencers we develop strategies and solutions which allow businesses to become more profitable.

Understand Your Bank in 60 Seconds

Banks can seem an enigma, a law unto themselves. In 1 minute we take you through how banks appraise businesses and give some simple tips to working with business banks.

60 Second Guide To Financing Cashflow

Cashflow is essential to any business. This 1 minute video takes you through the basics of cashflow and how to approach financing your future cash needs.

The 5 Minute Business Plan

Develop your business by making a simple and effective business plan in under 5 minutes. Simple and effective tips to get your business achieving more.

Why The Cost of Business Finance Doesn’t Matter

The cost of business finance is often given too much focus. It is not all about the interest rate and the cost, it is about the benefit that the increase in funding will provide. How to keep cost & benefit in perspective.

What Is Credit Scoring?

Credit Scoring is the main system used by banks to assess your business finance application. This simple analogy using two US Presidents explains how Credit Scoring works in just over 1 minute.


 A SWOT Analysis Explained

SWOT is probably the most common business tool, it is probably also the most commonly mis-used business tool. Done right it can add serious value to your business, here is how to do it properly in 90 seconds

What Is A Bailout?

Still a hot topic, but what is a ‘Bailout’ and how does one country bailout another? Simple analogy to explain what happens and why the need occurs in the first place.



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Finance, tips and guides

Selection of videos providing simple guides to raising finance for your business, how to get better terms when you borrow and generic top tips for all things borrowing related