Westjet Christmas Marketing

WestjetWestjet Christmas Marketing

It is that time of year when we send cards, pass gifts and say a few thank you’s. Westjet, a Canadian airline went one step further this year.

The cynics among you may say it is all marketing. Well yes it is, but in this case it seems to be working a treat, and what a great way to promote your brand.

Have a look at the Westjet video here, feelgood stuff all round…


Could You Be Westjet?

Whilst not everyone can spoil their customers in this way, there is a real lesson in making your customers feel valued by giving something which, to you, is of little comparative value but to your customers means an awful lot.

To date over the video from Westjet has had over 25m views, that is just through the official site. Add on to that views through over sites, shared viewing and the rest, then in just a few days Westjet have had probably 70m people see the video. Wow.

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2 thoughts on “Westjet Christmas Marketing

  • That is just amazing and brilliant! What a way to cheer up people. Westjet has really thought beyond commercialism. They have really ignited the emotions… Well done to their team. I really like the approach and the way they have executed. Thanks for sharing this video.

    • Thanks! It proves that marketing doesn’t have to be one way. When you add in the feel good factor for the staff as well then the benefit of this type of campaign starts to multiply massively. Really chuffed you liked the post.

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